BWPL Table Officials

Urgent! BWPL NEEDS MORE TABLE OFFICIALS! They don’t have to be people expected to turn out every other weekend in the season. But, if every club in the League made a commitment to produce just one qualified person, if only for occasional duties, one of our biggest administrative headaches would be solved. It would also mean a double payback for every member club in (1) a significant reduction in the portion you pay each year in table official costs (due to current shortages, we have no choice on many occasions but to send some of our valued regulars to events far away from their home bases) and (2) the availability of an experienced, skilled official in your own club environment.

This is what BWPL has arranged in liaison with England WP Management Group – a one-day course during the opening League weekend at Ponds Forge on Saturday, 17 September. The cost per person for the whole day is just £10. Details of the programme and how to apply are attached.

The current shortage of officials is unsustainable and can only be resolved by supportive action from ALL clubs.

Chris Ducker