Grantham Falcon's Match Report - Northampton School for Boys 11th June 2016

Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't sums up Team Falcon's score line today; however, brave, skillful and enthusiastic should be what we remember. Playing 5 games over the course of the afternoon against teams from Northampton, Hinckley and Grantham and with only 8 players the boy's played some great polo.

From the outset the chaps played their hearts out, listening to the coach (sometimes also doing what he asked) and trying to put some of the tactics into use they have learnt in weekly training sessions, often this approach resulted on some great shots on goal however, sometimes we just threw the ball away. But hey, we had fun and we also ate a lot of biscuits, sweets and cakes, along with the odd bit of fruit as we are athletes!

Some notable thanks:
Simon thanks for coaching our players and for trying to coach the referees on the actual rules.
The parents for withstanding the heat and humidity.
Fina - Thanks for organising, co-ordinating, scoring and all of the other behind the scene stuff that allowed us to play.

Everyone played their part and as Team Manager it was a pleasure to be surrounded by nice, cheerful, enthusiastic young people (honest). It amazes me how much teenagers talk, joke and banter when they don't have a phone in their hand.

The following players deserve note:
Aaron - For eating his body weight in grapes and for swimming flat out to recapture the ball.
Will - For defending like his life depended on it in game 2, against a much larger player and consistently wining the ball.
Francis - Amazingly polite happy chap.
Kieran - For scoring more goals than fouls for a change.
Billy - Brave against the odds and very much larger players.
Owen - Steady, open, team play and a great goal.
Matthew - For listening to instructions and getting the ball forward to others and a great goal in the last game.

And, a special mention for Noah who gets the Sportsmanship Award - He went out of his way to wish opponents well and offering a genuine well done hand shake to others; also, he encouraged his compatriots to do like wise. Well done, a true gent.

Many thanks
Steve Morris
Team Manager and Duty Mum