Rotherham v Grantham year 2004 - Maltby 3rd July

Rotherham v Grantham year 2004
Oscar Parnham(3) Oliver Coyle (4 but really 5) Tom Lyons (2) Oliver Croston (1) Josh Eyles (1) Max Turner (1) Tom Fulcher, Jude Wright and Jacob Parnham (2) traveled to Maltby to play a mixed team from Rotherham on Sunday evening. And they did bloody brilliantly!
Despite the one instruction from the Coach to think about defence, defence, defence, youthful high spirits got the better of Grantham in the first quarter and everyone wanted to be the first to get their name on the score sheet. Unfortunately that meant that Rotherham's very fast swimmers found themselves all alone in front of our goal whilst our team looked back at them from the other half of the pool. A quarter to forget..
However, the next four quarters (yes, I know, how can you have five quarters? - well we can and we did because WE ARE GRANTHAM) went much better. Some strong tactical defending from the likes of Josh Eyles, Jude Wright and Oliver Croston meant the goals for Rotherham started to dry up. Add to that some mind boggling shot stopping from young Oscar Parnham (yes, he is young, Year 2004 don't you know - or at least that what's we told the other side) and the defence was set to "solid".
So what about the goals? Well, all you need to know is that Max Turner was a lightning fish up the right wing, while Tom Lyons matched him on the left and the goals started flying in. Jacob Parnham manfully helped out Max Turner up the right wing with some great fast breaks and positioning play (scoring a couple of "hungarianesk" power goals into the bargain) If you add in Tom Fulcher up the middle (who had such a great game and put so much effort into it that the team manager had to point out to the Coach midway through the the fifth quarter (yes, I know, I know) that Tom had actually been in the pool for the entire game (bet he slept well that night!). Finally, throw in a little "unstoppable" shooting from top scorer Oliver Coyle then the game was set for a tense finish. With Oliver Coyle already on four goals he powered in yet another that rebounded so hard off the poolside that it landed in our own half straight into the waiting hands of a Rotherham player. Unfortunately the ref missed that, waved play on and our defence who were all set for a restart were not on hand to prevent the other side from scoring.
With the smell of injustice lingering in the air Oscar, "the brick wall" Parnham turned his hand to shooting from his own half, scoring three crackers until the Coach told him to give over and let the outfield players have a shot. However, that brought the scores so close that a sixth quarter would surely have sealed a magnificent victory for the "Legends of 2004". As it was, final score was Rotherham 17, Grantham 14 (although technically it should have been 15 and Rotherham wouldn't have scored from the rebound so that makes it 16-15). And whilst, I think about it, we were much more handsome and dangerous than them, so let's call it a 15 - 14 win for GRANTHAM. Yea....
Well done lads. And thank you parents for bringing them all that way 'up north' on a Sunday evening and especially Amy for being team manager and providing nearly one quarter of the players on the night all by herself
Report courtesy of Jarred Wright