Wavepower and Safeguarding

Grantham Water Polo Club are committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of all its members. We are aiming to achieve Swim 21 accreditation which is a certificate of good practice awarded by the ASA. As part of this we are fully adopting policies and procedures outlined by the ASA. The main document parents should be aware of is Wavepower. This is a comprehensive document that details all the things we are adopting as a club from codes of ethics and conducts, through to appropriate mobile phone usage, behaviour management etc. The main point of this document is to raise awareness that everyone within the club has a role in ensuring the safeguarding of its members. Please take a look at Wavepower in its entirety or I have also attached the section which is most prevalent to parents which is a more condensed version.



If you have any questions please get in touch and we will answer them for you.